Thursday, 11 November 2010

The Sarcoidosis Freedom Cookbook

The Sarcoidosis Freedom Cookbook is a 143 page, downloadable ebook with literally hundreds of delicious recipes written entirely with the sarcoidosis sufferer in mind.

Written by Danielle May, author of the Aden Protocol Resource Book and former sarcoidosis sufferer, the book is a result of seven months of intensive work, formulating recipes that provide the right chemical environment to ensure sarcoidosis cannot flourish.

Realising very quickly that sarcoidosis sufferers were eating food that was actually making their situation worse, Danielle put together this comprehensive book to make choosing the right diet so much easier. She has done the work so that you do not have to think about the complex rules that govern sarcoidosis diets.

As a sufferer yourself I am sure you are only too aware, ( or maybe not) of the 20 rules that your diet should adhere to, such as:

-          food must be free of Hydrazines and Amines that aggravate sarcoidosis and inflammation

-          the vegetables you eat must not be from the Nightshade family as these can make you sick within hours

-          The food must not contain ginkgolic acid, which was found to have significant immunological reactions in the lymph nodes.

-          Calcium levels balance is crucial for sarcoidosis remission

See what I mean, the list is long and complex!

Thankfully, this unique book solves all of the problems for you.

     - you will never again eat a meal that will trigger your sarcoidosis

     - you will soothe your endocrine system and alter the chemical inbalance eroding your organs

     -boost the self-healing chemicals that will repair your organs

     -never buy another diet book, everything you need to know about your condition is here

And so much more!

I am sure by now that if you are really serious about maintaining your sarcoidosis remission, this book is absolutely CRUCIAL!

When used to supplement the Aden Protocol Resource Book, it is immediately plain to see that you will have the total package to ensure that the natural healing of sarcoidosis is controlled and maintained.